Pub. 2 2020 | Issue 7


PACB Education Connecting Bankers In Uncertain Times

Many of us are feeling a little uncertain as our personal lives, daily routines and defined professional roles are in a constant state of flux. It can be unnerving, overwhelming and often isolating. PACB is here to bring some stability, ease and connection for community bankers across the Commonwealth.

The PACB is excited to continue to facilitate connections and provide quality educational content to community bankers during the pandemic. In order to bring this programming to you, PACB has converted summer and fall programming to virtual delivery. This delivery conversion will allow community bankers to easily access professional development, engage with prominent presenters and share with colleagues in similar banking disciplines.

The virtual delivery structure will differ depending on the educational curriculum, goals and objectives. Some programs will be conducted over multiple days, while others may be provided in sessions encompassing individual days over several weeks. Program curriculum and delivery will be nimble, fluid and flexible designed to best meet current member needs and designed with the overall objective of preparing community bankers to come out on the other side of COVID-19 with expanded skills and knowledge.

PACB offers hundreds of online banking skills courses through OnCourse Learning and The Center for Financial Training (CFT). These courses are delivered virtually through instructor-led online, self-paced online or on-demand when you need them … and best of all, when you want them. The content is exceptional, expansive, and relevant to bank team members from teller to CEO.

The online courses don’t prevent engagement and interaction between team members. Think about engaging multiple people from your bank in the learning process. As they work on courses, they have regular “ZOOM” type interactions to discuss the content and how it applies to your bank … education with connection. Also, consider hosting a “CDC compliant” watch party for educational on-demand offerings. Socially distanced, but intrinsically together.

PACB has online, on-demand soft skills/leadership training available today. NextGen“U” includes 17 modules of recorded “live” soft skills instruction. These modules are designed to both serve the individual learner and for the training of groups. Simultaneous participation by multiple bankers can strengthen teams and help to grow a culture of learning throughout the bank.

Several PACB member banks have been “skilling it softly,” by creatively utilizing NextGen“U” for employee development. Top-notch recruiters say that soft skills are most sought after when considering hiring and advancement.

One community bank is teaching a single module to the entire bank team. More than 100 employees will participate, ensuring consistent cultural messaging and performance expectations. Another bank has identified up-and-coming leaders from various departments and developed a NextGen“U” learning group where all complete the curriculum together. Participants serve as facilitators, with executive management and the CEO involved to help determine how the knowledge would be applied within the bank. Another PACB member used a la carte module selection to include as requisites for meeting employee performance measures and to enhance promotion opportunities. What creative ways might you utilize NextGen“U” at your bank?

PACB delivers more than 125 webinars annually. These webinars offer a diverse curriculum including credit, operations, HR, leadership, director training, BSA, cybersecurity and more. Webinars are offered live and recorded and can be viewed by individuals or by a bank team. These programs are less than two hours and provide in-depth information by subject-matter. These online/on-demand programs can be leveraged to keep your bankers connected … have a Webinar Wednesday and learn together.

If the current landscape has you feeling disconnected, reach out and connect through PACB virtual training. Our team can connect every member to programming that will help community bankers come through these times, informed, currently relevant and successful.

PACB is here to help. PACB here to listen. PACB is here to connect you when the time for connection is here.

Barbara Holbert, SVP Strategy and Operations, PACB

This story appears in 2020 Issue 7 of the Hometown Banker Magazine.

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