Pub. 2 2020 Issue 5

HOMETOWN BANKER | HOMETOWNBANKER.ORG | 29 fluency.” It’s a fancy term for the human tendency to prefer things that are easy to understand. Reams of psychological research support this simple marketing truth: the easier it is to understand, the more likely that people will buy it. Much more so when it is backed by a trusted community bank like yours. Done well, the packaging or bundling of disparate features of a product or service offering is also an opportunity to convey your bank’s healthy obsession with professionalism and community. Done poorly, it creates the kryptonite toxic enough to sour any buyer’s decision So here are two basic tips to package your community bank’s suite of business services for success. A. Look the Part: Every marketing communication to which you attach your bank brand bespeaks the quality of your product, your people, your performance and your institution. Don’t downplay the importance of a professional, consistent appearance to your sales literature and messaging. A class look conveys a class act. A crappy look conveys … well, you get the point. If you need help to do it right, get a professional with a track record in community bank marketing to help with product branding, design, messaging, web content and other tools your business banking team will need to fully embed your product packages. The corner fast-print shop might be okay for printing, but it is not going to get you the visuals and messaging strong enough to compete with the big guys. A “cognitively fluent” bank marketing professional will focus the funnel of facts into a convincing argument that looks, reads and sells properly. You’ll get prototypes of all the proposed digital and MICHAEL C. KEENAN IS THE PRESIDENT AND CEO OF KEENAN-NAGLE ADVERTISING, INC. BASED IN ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA, WITH A FULL-SERVICE TEAM OF 12 PROFESSIONALS, THE KEENAN-NAGLE FIRM HAS SPECIALIZED IN COMMUNITY BANK MARKETING FOR MORE THAN THREE DECADES. FOR MORE HELPFUL FACTS, VISIT WWW.KEENANNAGLE.COM OR CALL 610-797-7100. collateral marketing tools for this product line and price ranges on getting each done from concept to completion. You’ll have the opportunity for input on direction. Once you feel good about your new collection of consistent-looking collateral, print and digital ads, it’s your decision when to pull the trigger. Then watch what happens. B. Avoid too many “gotchas”: Yes, every financial offering has to have performance parameters. Some legalese is expected. But today’s consumers are savvy, suspicious critters and a lot of asterisks, blocks of mini-type legal disclaimers or other codicils have them looking for the “what’s the catch?” hook hidden inside any offer. Strive for as much up-front transparency as possible. There are content techniques to present the conditions intrinsic to financial offers without raising more red flags than necessary. If you’d like to see some examples of approaches that have proven successful in winning new business customers for community banks, visit In most of the examples, the individual banking product features already existed. But they took on new selling power because they were bundled, rebranded or otherwise repackaged. Real. Fresh. Results. Since 1954. 1301 South 12th Street Allentown Pennsylvania 18103 Pennsylvania’s Most Experienced Community Bank Marketing Agency Mike Keenan: Paul Leese: Call us on it: 610-797-7100