Pub. 1 2019 Issue 6

AMONG THE BEST DECISIONS WE’VE EVER MADE Unlike most accounting and consulting firms that “work in banking,” S.R. Snodgrass works only inbanking. Every hour of every day, everyweek, everymonth, every year. In fact, noother accounting and consulting firm possesses greater knowledge of community bank needs, challenges and opportunities than S.R. Snodgrass. And for the more than 70 years since our founding, we’ve been helping independent community banks while remaining steadfastly independent ourselves. If you think our unique blend of unrivaled banking expertise and personalized service could benefit your bank, please allow us to introduce ourselves. We’d be delighted to meet you. A recent survey revealed some impressive quotes from our banking industry clients. At S.R. Snodgrass, there is no greater spokesperson than a client whose expectations we’ve consistently exceeded. (833) 404-0344