Pub. 2 2020 | Issue 10


Be a Community Bank Voter

By Kevin Shivers is President/CEO of Pennsylvania Association of Community Bankers

Dear Community Banker,

Thank you for your continued membership in the Pennsylvania Association of Community Bankers (PACB). It is a privilege to represent you in Harrisburg and Washington, DC.

PACB members once again will play a critical role in the 2020 General Election. The stakes in this election for community bankers and the customers they serve could not be higher. For our theme this year, we are urging members to be community bank voters.

Just as the state and national economy appeared to be responding to newly enacted tax relief and regulatory changes, the global Coronavirus pandemic knocked the national economy flat on its back. Millions of Americans found themselves unemployed when businesses across the nation were closed in an attempt to stop the virus.

It was no surprise that community bankers found themselves at the center of the nation’s economic recovery. Community banks are intrinsically tied to their local communities. Because of their strong relationship with small businesses, America’s community banks were in the best position to deliver paycheck protection lifelines to millions of small businesses and their workers.

The outcome of the 2020 election will determine our nation’s course as it recovers from the pandemic. This year’s election will determine who occupies the White House, and which parties control Congress, state legislatures, and row offices and governors around the country. By extension, that means taxes, regulations, health care, court nominations, labor policies, and many other issues that affect your institution and customers also are on the ballot.
Please carefully review the materials on the following pages. PACB has done its homework to help you learn about the candidates and the issues to help you play an integral part of the election process.

Community bankers are among the most influential leaders in their communities. You have a lot more political influence than you realize and we are urging you to use it this year. Many of your friends and neighbors, local officials, and small-business colleagues are still trying to decide which candidates to support. You can help by explaining the issues and letting them know which candidates genuinely support community banks — and the businesses and customers they serve, and which candidates are just talking a good game.

We hope that you find this voter guide useful. It’s one of the many ways that PACB educates its members on the candidates, the issues, and important information that you need as a voter.

The stakes are very high for community banks, your local businesses and your community. If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Most importantly, be active this year. Be a community bank voter.


Kevin Shivers is President/CEO of Pennsylvania Association of Community Bankers

This story appears in Issue 10 2020 of the Hometown Banker Magazine.

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